Since its founding in 1992, PLASMAQ, carried out a first expansion with the construction of our current facilities in Leiria. After only 28 years, we have the need to expand the facilities, currently with 1400 m2 of production. Growth continues, with a further expansion.





Always faithful to our dynamic business philosophy, we were encouraged to start a new project to expand our facilities. Despite the difficult times we are experiencing due to the crisis caused by Covid 19, the demands of the market and our customers, who are the engines of our company, of our partners, we embrace this new expansion project, with the sole objective of providing the answer to the increasingly demanding needs of our customers. We will have new installations of 6.000 m2, with a production area of ​​2.300 m2 and 600 m2 for social areas, equipped with adequate machines and human, technical and production team with a view to obtaining maximum performance and providing the best service. Plasmaq, since its foundation in 1992, had a first expansion with the construction of the current facilities in Leiria. After just 28 years, we are urged to expand these facilities again, today with 1.400 m2 of production. But growth, thanks to all our customers, continues to develop. Soon we will celebrate 30 years of existence. We look to the past with pride and satisfaction in knowing that we are rewarded with this requirement and that it is not just about increasing our productive capacity. The current times lead us to a constant work of research, development and innovation to continue to satisfy the needs of the sector. Indeed, the industrial recycling sector is increasingly active and increasingly at the service of society, which requires greater involvement of all in favor of the common heritage that is the environment. We all form the Plasmaq team: our human team, our customers, our suppliers and our partners.

The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the past, but on building everything again. "



We use the most advanced technological solutions


Our equipment represents an innovation in the industrial recycling market


PLASMAQ has a presence on 4 continents

Experienced team

We have the best team of experienced professionals, able to respond to the needs of our customers.