Integrated Solutions

PLASMAQ's integrated solutions are complete lines of equipment covering the various stages of industrial recycling



For this phase, our equipment is the guillotines and the separation screens. They are highly robust equipment, built with column structure and automatic operation.



At this stage it is intended to free the material from the contaminants that accompany it. The equipment used in this phase varies depending on the materials to be treated and can act alone or together to obtain the best result.



Our equipment, intended for all types of recyclable plastics, whether they are plastic packaging from small sizes to capacities of the order of 1000 liters, bottles for domestic use, dairy packaging, IBC, film, metallic packaging up to 200 liters, among others.



The crushed and washed material carries with it considerable amounts of water which, despite separating in the transport augers that connect the various equipment in the system and which are equipped with perforated sheet bottoms to facilitate this separation, it is necessary to remove so that the material can be treated, in the next phase, by the extruder, granulator or pelletizer.